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Yury Morales

UIUX Researcher & Designer


Time, Hard Work & Self Growth



Boston, MA - Born

New York, NY - Resident


Fitness, Food and Fashion

A Bit About Me

I grew up in a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts. I have always had a passion for being creative ever since I could hold a pencil (properly). I headed straight to a culinary technical school the following month after graduating high school. I was exposed to a whole world of flavors and techniques and was able to take those skills with me and worked at TD Garden in Boston, MA cooking for the Celtics and Bruins Teams. I then returned to school at UMass Boston to continue a career in the Arts field. I decided to take those Art skills and teach youth in public and private schools how to be creative in their own ways.

Today I have reached the end of my career in teaching after more than 10+ years and have decided to pursue my forever hobby as a career, because who doesn't want that? I started a small business during the pandemic and did a lot of free lance designing and client projects. Once the world decided to open up again, I made a big decision to pack my bags and start a whole new life in NYC and haven't looked back ever since. My motivation, drive and passion for building my creativity and design in my career is something I plan to always continue to grow and learn through all experiences.

Professional Experience

March 2023 - April 2023

January 2023 - April 2023

August 2020 - Current

Bytesize Learning

UI UX Researcher & Designer

  •  Enhanced user satisfaction by conducting comprehensive UX research and identifying areas for improvement.

  •  Increased overall usability of digital products by implementing data-driven design improvements based on user feedback.

  • Spearheaded in-depth user interviews, gathering valuable insights to inform product development decisions.

  • Tested websites at different design and production stages to assess conformance with designs.

  • Researched and proposed new solutions to make website more user-friendly.

General Assembly

UI UX Researcher & Designer

  • Conduct user research and testing to create web/app designs and experiences that better fit the users/companies' wants and needs.

  • Create Mid & High Fi Wire framing and Prototyping on Figma.

  • Generated UX concepts such as tasks analysis, storyboards and use cases to accelerate user flow.

  • Work with technical leads, engineers and designers to develop dynamic client-side web applications across various areas of business.

  • Review solutions to verify alignment with customer objectives, organization guidelines and benchmarks and industry best practices.

  • Redesign and implement complete web applications to meet web and industry standards.

  • Create web models or prototypes using physical, interface, logical and data models.

Zoé - Entrepreneur 

Self Employed Designer

  • Established a successful startup by researching market opportunities, creating a business plan, and securing funding within 2 months.

  • Increased business revenue by implementing innovative marketing strategies and expanding product offerings.

  • Built strong brand recognition and customer loyalty by delivering high-quality products and services consistently over time.

  • Identified and qualified customer needs and negotiated and closed 100% profitable projects with high success rates.


January 2023 - April 2023

Sept 2012 - May 2017

July 2010 - October 2011

General Assembly

User Experience Design Program

Product/Visual Design, User Research & Testing, Wire framing, Prototyping, UED, UX, UI. Creative Ideation, Documentation, Report, Presentations

University of Massachusetts Boston

Bachelor of Arts

Wood Working, Machine & Hand Knitting, Photoshop, Video & Audio, Oil Painting, Sketching, Art Exhibit

Le Cordon Bleu

Associates Culinary Arts 

Basic Knife Skills, Nutrition, French Cuisine, International Cuisine, Baking Class, Restaurant Management, etc.

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